TFE Mission Statement

“People providing technology” – this was the idea in 1998 when TFE was founded. We believe that all organizations, no matter the size or type, need technology to exist. TFE continues to invest in its culture, develop its expertise, and embrace change. The belief of TFE is to “connect” – engage people, empower beliefs, and be relevant.

TFE Philosophy

Our belief is to do our very best regardless of what others are doing.  We know this can be challenging in our industry, but by helping one another we can establish ourselves as a moral & hardworking organization that goes over and beyond by thinking outside of the box.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” –Proverbs 27:17

Be daring – TFE started with an idea: create a fun, energetic, youthful environment. We are not afraid to make mistakes. It is the mistakes we make that remind us how imperfect we are and for that we are stronger.

Be different – TFE always strives to be different, to be better, to expect more and have more expected from us. We set a precedence in our field. We command respect from our customers and demand it from our competitors.

Be impractical – Customer service comes at a cost. While many may view it impractical sometimes to lose money, we must look to our own past to understand money is not made overnight. It is made by forging one new relationship or taking care of one new problem. The sky is not the limit!

Be something – The biggest mistake many people make is to play-it-safe. While sitting in the audience may not make you a target, those on stage are the ones that are applauded. Stand up, take a stance, do something.

TFE was challenged with messaging our culture to those outside of the organization and came up with a unique way to get our point across. Iron sharpens iron!