The data center has evolved.

Years ago, the trend was to grow the datacenter – make it bigger. Now the trend is to make the datacenter smaller and denser – more computing power per rack. Whether it is redesigning the racks, power, and cooling as an APC Elite Data Center partner or consolidating the computing and storage footprint as an EMC and Cisco Unified Computing specialized partner, TFE can help you achieve your business goals.  TFE has partnered with industry data center manufacturers to help demystify the “cloud”.

  • Virtualization and VDI – Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft
  • Blade computing – Cisco UCS
  • Consolidated storage – EMC
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Services – EMC and VaultLogix
  • Racks, Power, and Cooling – APC
  • Network virtualization and application acceleration – Cisco Nexus and Citrix NetScaler

TFE can help develop a virtualization strategy and help your organization realize the benefits. From lower total cost of ownership to increased resource utilization and control, virtualization is a power technology that is not an indispensable component of any forward thinking, efficiency minded organization.

Learn about Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco Virtual and Virtual eXperience Infrastructure

Learn about Cisco Unified Computing System