The products and services TFE supports align to one of three initiatives – safety, productivity & achievement, and operational excellence. Whether you are a school district, hospital, bank, or small company like TFE, the safety and protection of people and assets become ever important as we become less tethered to the 8 to 5 work day. As a security company, TFE focuses its efforts on providing IP enabled video surveillance, access control, alarm, and emergency notifications.  Today’s security products and services have advanced and TFE has led the charge as we believe the network is the platform for all traditional systems.

  • Megapixel video cameras
  • Video management systems
  • Tablet and smartphone integration
  • Biometric and smartcard access
  • Mass notifications
  • Building access control
  • Two-way radio integration
  • Analytics
  • Alarm systems

TFE is the network company evolved into physical security, not the other way around, allowing customers to maximize their investment into IP enabled technologies by an IP company.

Denton ISD, Cisco and TFE partner to deliver safer campuses.