The Supplemental Staffing Program (SSP) responds to changing needs of IT departments with highly skilled engineering talent, on a fixed time or a specific project basis. The SSP program leverages capabilities and resources from TFE. Our service-driven program helps busy IT departments with dedicated onsite expertise.

While the financial benefits of adding resources only when and where your organization needs them are self evident, there are other advantages to contracting technical expertise through TFE’s Supplemental Staffing Program.

Periodic projects such as infrastructure redesign, which typically incorporate the latest in internetworking technologies, may require substantial internal resources in the form of research, testing, implementation, and troubleshooting. Partnering with TFE’s solid experience means our trained and skilled, multi-disciplinary engineers hit the ground running. Your IT department remains focused on its core services while you realize your technology and business goals. Using the Supplemental Staffing Program means you save significant hiring and training costs while avoiding the trouble of an inappropriate hire out of haste.

The “value add” of working with TFE is securing the best talent, the most flexible arrangements, and the backing of a solid organization. TFE’s professionals have the advantage of being able to draw upon our core engineering staff to resolve issues that would normally overwhelm a typical “outsourced” agent. The company leverages its Integration Services and Consulting Services in order to provide our clients with budget conscious, technically superior solutions over the life cycle of your network.

  • Shared to switched media migration
  • LAN/WAN infrastructure design/upgrades
  • Windows 2003/2000/NT and Novell admin/migration
  • Large project roll-outs
  • Remote access
  • Technology specific projects
  • Peak periods
  • Short-term projects
  • Human resource emergencies
  • Moves, mergers, relocations, expansions

The benefits of partnering with TFE are numerous. You’ll enjoy the combined experience of professionals who have helped customers spanning different industries, technologies, and budgets. You’ll profit from engineers with extensive certifications, knowledgeable with diverse products and technologies.

With TFE in your corner, you’ll avoid common pitfalls, have the freedom to allocate resources when and where they’re needed and, most importantly, deploy IT services more rapidly and less expensively. Our approach is simple; understand your business needs, assemble a highly skilled team of engineers, lead a project to its successful conclusion and then transfer needed knowledge to your staff.