Cable becomes a lot more than wire when it serves a mission-critical part of your enterprise. It’s a vital artery that needs to perform with unparalleled reliability, or you are in danger of lost calls, lost data, and lost opportunities.

It must anticipate future needs: more bandwidth, larger files, more calls. It must fit within your existing infrastructure. With more choices—from high-speed copper to fiber—and the advancing pace of technological change, you need a partner who can help you make the best decisions on the physical connection of your enterprise.

TFE offers the following cabling services:

  • Complete data cabling—high speed copper and fiber
  • Complete voice and video cabling
  • Cable management, racks and patch panel systems
  • Complete telephony systems
  • Campus, riser and backbone cabling LAN & WAN data and telecommunications infrastructures

Making Connections
TFE is a complete resource for the planning and design of your communications network. Need to know what cabling systems you need for a modern network? Want to find out if fiber is the best choice for you? Are you connecting an entire campus, or planning to install a modern telephony system? Let us help.

Wiring the Future
Once your network has been planned; TFE is the only partner you need for installing, servicing, and maintaining its physical infrastructure. TFE is certified by all the major manufacturers.

Servicing Growth
In the IT business, only one thing is certain: change. New standards demand new wiring. Faster networks rely on new technologies, like optical fiber. If your network can’t meet the demands of your growth, you need to talk to TFE about what it will take to get it up to speed. We’re on the leading edge of technology trends, so we can help you modernize your current system— and plan for the future.

“Integrating technologies will increase your production capabilities”