Students in school

Holistic campus security: Preparing for a safe school year

Is school security a priority as learning institutions reopen for the new school year? Well, it should be. And this time, you have to cover all the bases — physical security and data protection. The past year was tough on schools; better be prepared for this year as well.
Student using learning portal

Top 5 learning portals for schools and students

Hybrid learning combines the traditional classroom setup with interactive online learning. It's a growing trend. One crucial consideration, though, is the IT backing behind a hybrid learning setting.
K-12 School Students

3 things you should know about ESSER funding

The ESSER Fund (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund) is designed to help K-12 schools address challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This federal funding for schools has the potential to be a pivot point for U.S. public education. However, it’s up to the schools themselves to decide how best to use the funds.

6 things you should know about HEERF funding

Thanks to the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF), students can now access emergency financial support for Covid-related disruption. But how does the relief fund work, who can claim financial support, and what's covered? Let's break it all down.

Everyday digital threats that your banking organization business needs to watch out for

Financial institutions are 300 times more likely to get targeted for cyberattacks than other organizations. Banks also suffer more devastating impacts from cyber incidents. Rapid digital transformations across the financial sector make it a prime target for cybercrimes.

5 cyber threats that every school will face

As remote learning grows, schools are under greater risk than ever for cyber security threats that can expose sensitive data. Network monitoring and robust malware protection can help fortify school servers and protect against cyberattacks.
hospitality security

Physical security for your hospitality organization

In the post-COVID-19 world, physical security in public places means preventing threats and protecting the public's health and well-being by enforcing WHO guidelines. A robust security system also gives you a bird's-eye view and control of the entire premises.

Keeping productivity high in your business with remote workers

When organizations take a smart approach to telecommuting, they can enable remote workers to stay productive. In fact, with the right technology and the flexibility remote work offers, your business may see an increase in productivity when you don’t expect everyone to work from home.

Increase business performance with collaborative technology

In the new business normal, working from different physical locations is the norm rather than the exception. This doesn’t mean work has to stop or even slow down. The collaborative technology available today is easy to use, totally integrated, and can help your remote teams stay productive.