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Protect your organization with intrusion monitoring

Your business or institution should be a community where people can meet for a common purpose. They make up your organization along with valuable assets – like furniture, hardware, electronics, and intellectual property. 

Keeping unwanted intruders out of your organization shouldn’t have to be hard. Intrusion monitoring allows you to keep all your investments protected while also making sure your people are safe. 

For example, let’s consider schools. A 2020 report on a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) analysis revealed that around half of K-12 school shootings were initiated by shooters who had no relationship with the school as a parent, teacher, or staff member. The other half of school shooters are comprised of current or former students.

These  incidents tell us how crucial it is to have the right intrusion monitoring system in place. Having these installed in schools, districts, and commercial buildings can help control access to the premises. They can also function as deterrents to possible wrongdoing.  

What is the purpose of intrusion monitoring?

Intrusion monitoring for buildings is the process of observing and detecting signs of unauthorized access or entry. 

Intrusion monitoring aims to monitor doors, windows, or conventional access points to protect commercial properties or other institutional buildings. These can include K-12 schools, laboratories, office buildings, hospitals, warehouses, and many others.

Another term used to refer to intrusion monitoring systems is “intrusion detection systems” or IDS. With an intrusion monitoring system, you can ensure your property or building is being watched for any suspicious activity. When the system detects an irregularity or an incident, it can transmit real-time alerts to professionally trained operators to respond to such reports.

Protect your premises, building occupants, and assets

Intrusion monitoring systems are designed to distinguish “good” from “bad” traffic. With such a system in place, you’ll have a security apparatus that can identify if an unauthorized person or intruder is entering a section of your building or premises. When an intrusion is detected, the system sends real-time alerts to the system operator.

It also gathers additional information through the video verification of alarms to prevent detection errors or false alarms using CCTV cameras installed in your premises. 

Aside from the advantages above, intrusion monitoring provides the following benefits:

  • You can receive updates anytime and anywhere using a smart device.
  • You can monitor your building 24/7 remotely.
  • You don’t need to depend entirely on hired security personnel to keep your building safe, as the system is always on and monitoring your place for any irregularities.

Intelligent features

An intrusion monitoring system comes with an intelligent alarm notification feature. When unauthorized access is detected, it contacts or alerts the designated personnel based on the trigger. You can customize this feature to suit your organization further.

Suppose you’re supposed to receive the notification alert first, but the system does not get any response from you. In that case, the system sends the alert to a manager you designated. Suppose there is still no response at this level. In that case, you can program it to alert security and then law enforcement if it does not detect any response from security.

Safer spaces with intrusion monitoring

At TFE, we have partnered with Bosch to provide intrusion monitoring solutions for all types of organizations, such as schools, districts, warehouses, hospitals, and other businesses.

We handle everything — from installation through to monitoring.

Please get in touch with us if you’re ready to take the next step in ensuring your organization’s premises are safe and secure from intruders.