Using Bosch Intrusion alarm systems for your business

Managing your building efficiently is more important than ever. But it has also become a more complex challenge, whether it is a private residence, a small business, or a massive corporation. Monitoring and controlling these buildings requires a multitude of systems, ranging from video surveillance and access control to fire and intrusion alarms, and more.

Monitoring, controlling, managing, and maintaining all of these systems can be a huge challenge because each of the systems in place often only has a single function. Depending on your building and its everyday purpose, you need a number of systems in order to keep it completely secure. To manage them all effectively, they need to run alongside each other without any problems.

But while having multiple systems that can operate in tandem is a great building management strategy, it can be inefficient because of how expensive each system is, how unreliable the integrations can be, and how difficult it is to upgrade these systems when your requirements change. This is why customers today demand greater control and awareness of their security systems as well as better protection from them.

Integrated security solutions

A safety system can comprise only surveillance cameras, an intrusion detection system (IDS), and access control. Or it can include a whole gamut of systems designed to ensure the safety of buildings and other physical assets, along with the people who live, work in, or visit said building. Often, people with a wide range of integrated security solutions even expect their system to include cybersecurity options as well.

The simple solution is to invest in safety and security systems that integrate intelligently with existing hardware and platforms, as well as ensuring they will be compatible with future upgrades and installations. By choosing systems that offer this functionality along with mobile access in a single compact system, you reduce your initial and day to day costs. And of course, managing them is far easier.

This is where products like Bosch’s intelligent Intrusion Alarm Systems come to the fore. Their control panels are modern internet appliances that have been specifically designed to make integration with access control, home and building automation, fire, and IP surveillance cameras as easy as possible.

This is why we at TFE have partnered with Bosch in order to expand on the physical security solutions we offer. Their intrusion panels integrate seamlessly with the same client application our video surveillance solution offers. This means you can benefit from simplified control of your security devices by leveraging our powerful yet easy to use security center.

Businesses that can benefit from our integrated physical security solutions


Ensure the safety of teachers and students with our surveillance and IDS systems that allow you to monitor for any unlawful behavior and also immediately identify any potentially life-threatening situations.


Reduce financial losses with live footage that allows you to easily identify shoplifters and to monitor employees working in the checkout section of your store.


Monitor the activities of both outside contractors and government employees in order to prevent unauthorized entry to secure facilities and also to identify problematic operations.


Increase the safety of apartment complexes and large office suites by monitoring the public areas frequented by both tenants and visitors.

Construction, warehousing, and manufacturing

Analyze and monitor daily activities to identify inefficiencies, ensure compliance with rules and regulations, and prevent equipment or material theft. We have a number of smart business safety solutions that can be tailored to suit your requirements and budget, so feel free to contact us about how TFE can help improve both the physical security of your building and your cybersecurity today.