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4 reasons you should take cybersecurity training seriously

The average ransomware attack results in average losses of $5 million. It also takes most companies and organizations approximately 191 days to identify a data breach.

These stats are enough to encourage many business executives to take action and provide proper cybersecurity training for their staff. However, there are some who are still hesitant to invest in this vital stage of protection. If you aren’t convinced that cybersecurity training is necessary, then keep reading.

Learn about how to avoid the serious losses and costs of cybersecurity knowledge gaps, as well as the major benefits that proper training offers.

1. Reduce risky activity

Let’s start with the obvious – investing in cybersecurity training adds a level of security to your business by preventing risky behavior. When your team is aware of the threats, from ransomware to phishing to unsecured connections, you can help them avoid simple mistakes that threaten the safety of your organization.

If your team is completely uninformed about hackers’ capabilities, it may cost you. Numerous issues can result from checking email on a smart device over public Wi-Fi, for example. If you aren’t sure that everyone in your business is following the same security measures, then a breach is much more likely.

2. Save money and time

It’s just smart business to invest in cybersecurity training for your team. As global estimates of corporate losses from cyberattacks total $400 billion annually, 90% of cyber insurance is being purchased by U.S. firms. Proper training to prevent these losses is worth a much smaller initial investment of both time and money.

If an attack took place, your team would have to put quite a bit of energy and time into trying to stop the attack and repair any damage that has occurred. This is time that is much better spent handling other business functions. With regular cybersecurity training, this “scramble” can be avoided altogether.

3. Empower your workforce

You don’t want your team to be second-guessing all their actions. If they are trained to recognize the signs of a phishing email or a virus-launching attachment, then they aren’t going to think twice about opening either. Instead, they will send both directly to the trash. This higher level of confidence is essential.

An employee is empowered with knowledge is aware of the risks and better equipped to act responsibly. They can more easily avoid the human error that could result in a devastating and costly breach. Additionally, they won’t spend time debating what to do or wait to ask the IT department about any security issue. With the proper training and knowledge, your employees can handle any basic threats on their own.

4. Maintain customer trust

If a business experiences a data breach where sensitive customer information was stolen, consumers are much less likely to do business with them in the future. With proper cybersecurity training, you can avoid these situations and keep the trust of your customers.As you can see, without the proper cybersecurity training, you may lose money, time, and customer trust. For the small investment this training costs, it is worth the security it brings. There are plenty of professional companies that can provide the services you need. Contact them today for more information.