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5 IT solutions that can help you save time and money

Every day, we use technology to improve our lives. From entertainment and education to shopping and communication, technology plays a critical role in all of these functions.

But given the widespread adoption of technology by consumers, it should really come as no surprise that we use similar technology to improve our professional lives. With the emergence of IT providers and custom IT solutions, companies are able to do so much more with technology. As a result, they’re able to save more money, get back more time, and do more with the same amount of effort.

Here are 5 IT solutions that make this possible.

Unified communications

Have you ever tried to get in touch with someone, only to find that deciphering their methods of communication is like trying to read the Rosetta stone? Perhaps they have multiple email addresses, a work number, a mobile number, and a home number. Maybe they have multiple conflicting calendars – or worse, no calendar at all.

The right unified communications solution can take all that mess and wrestle it into something clear and navigable for all.

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Unified communications turns ‘R.S.V.P.’ into what it should be: a single click of a button. Furthermore, it makes those invitations possible by creating a single point of contact for every employee. You don’t have to wonder if your message went to the right place, because unified communications makes the ‘right place’ the only place for communication to go.

This means less wasted time on planning meetings and more time spent getting work done.

Information security

Computer viruses can spread through the office quicker than a nasty head cold in the winter, and without a plan to handle cyber threats, you could find your office crippled by nasty tech-centric diseases like ransomware or keyloggers.

Because of this, protecting your data has never been more important. A good information and network security plan can keep assailants out of your network and reduce the risk of a high profile data breach.

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It goes without saying that in today’s high-paced work environment, even an hour of network downtime can spell catastrophe. Get ahead of attackers and you’ll save yourself plenty of time, money, and headaches.

Backups and data loss prevention

Many have had the unfortunate experience of working for weeks on a project, only to lose files along the way. Whether they were accidentally overwritten, corrupted by internal systems, or simply lost to an unforeseen catastrophe, losing hard work is never fun.

However, with the appropriate backup solution in place, losing progress can be a thing of the past. If data ever disappears on you, the right backup solution can keep you from going all the way back to point A. Instead, you can recover your lost data and simply start back up again at point B.

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In this case, the only downtime you’ll face is the time it takes to recover that lost data. And with a solid IT partner, this could take little to no time at all.

Audio and visual communications

Anybody who has been forced to sit through a lengthy presentation or meeting knows that a seamless experience can boost engagement by leaps and bounds. Set things up the proper way, and you can easily create a team of enthusiastic employees — all on the same page and ready to get things done.

But if you miss the mark and cut corners on your A/V, it’s likely that you’ll waste time (and money) and people won’t collaborate as good as they can.

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At the same time, A/V crosses the line between employees and partners to meet up with clients and customers. From digital signage to P.A. systems, A/V can create a seamless (and memorable) experience for your customer base, as well.

Partner with an A/V professional and you can get the help you need to create that seamless experience your company craves.


Virtualization is a powerful solution that can help you save time and money because it allows your computers to operate in a digital environment. In other words, instead of having many physical computers, everyone pulls resources from one shared computer. Workers are left with “virtual computers” and operate on their desktops like normal. As a result, your company can reduce operating costs and even save energy.

However, virtualization means much more than cutting costs on individual workstations. It means your employees aren’t tied to one location, and it means you can easily grow and adapt to changes in company size. This all translates to greater mobility and unrestricted flexibility.

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Over the years, technology has become one of the simplest ways to improve your business. It allows you to increase efficiency and maximize output – but for less time, money, and overall effort.

If you’d like more guidance on IT services that can positively impact your operations, then check out the benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure.