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A/V solutions to boost engagement and communication

When implemented as part of an integrated technology plan, A/V solutions can boost engagement and communication. The right combination of A/V equipment promotes an engaging atmosphere for students to enhance their learning.  A/V solutions work in any setting, especially athletic facilities, performing art centers, cafeterias and dining halls, conference rooms and huddle spaces, and classrooms. […]

Time to bring your school’s outdated Bell and PA system into the 21 century

Outdated bell and PA systems in schools can let you down when it comes to rapid communications. Decades-old technology and obsolete legacy systems cannot meet the challenges of 21st-century school communications. Aging bell and PA systems slowly drain schools of their financial resources as they try to keep up with increasing demands like daily announcements […]

The basics of intrusion coverage in schools

A 2021 report published by IES and the National Center for Education Statistics shows that school safety has generally improved over the last decade. However, there are still rampant cases of criminal activities, including theft, violence, victimization, vandalism, and bullying, in our schools. For instance, in 2019, students aged 12-18 experienced 764,600 criminal victimizations in […]

School IT planning must start early

IT planning for school budgets and projects usually starts early if schools hope to accomplish their goals for the upcoming year. Every year, school districts adopt their budgets and tax rates per the Texas Tax Code. They can choose from fiscal years that run from July 1 through June 30 or September 1 through August […]

Tips to enhance your school’s physical security

Maintaining physical security in a school to ensure the safety of its staff and students is a priority for any institution. Although many schools have continuously beefed up security to face various threats, research shows that more still needs to be done. A report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals some rather unsettling […]

TFE helps schools keep up with advances in physical security

Advancements in physical security make protecting schools a more effective process. With cyber attacks on the rise, many schools focus their efforts on protecting their digital assets. Overlooking physical campus security can be a mistake. Students and staff must feel safe and secure while on campus. Historically, physical security has included guards, locks, physical barriers, […]

How to boost onsite and offsite learning

Connectivity plays a significant role in a school’s ability to boost onsite and offsite learning for its students. There was a time when accessing personal devices and a reliable internet connection wasn’t needed to enhance education. The recent pandemic has helped shine a light on what most school technology professionals have known for some time: […]

Does your school need a network assessment?

Technology is great — when it works. Firewalls, routers, switches, servers, and all the technology your school relies on to deliver a quality education will eventually break or become obsolete. Waiting until one of these critical systems crashes is the wrong approach. Conducting a network assessment is the most effective preventative measure schools can take. […]

What qualifies for E-rate funding?

The COVID-19 pandemic led many schools to digitize their learning processes through virtual classrooms. Online learning was only intended as a placeholder until schools eventually reopened after the pandemic. Still, this trend has now taken root in many of our schools. Analysts believe that the use of online tools in the classroom and virtual learning […]