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Maximize your e-rate funds in 5 steps

E-rate funds help level the playing field for school districts in Texas and across the U.S. by making information and telecommunications services more affordable. As more schools incorporate digital applications and tools into their curriculums, access to reliable, high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) provides eligible […]

E-rate updates: What’s new in the next wave of funding

The E-rate program is a government-funded initiative that provides up to 90 percent discounts to eligible schools and libraries for IT and internet-related purchases. E-rate’s goal is to ensure that all schools and libraries have access to high-speed broadband internet and information systems. Only non-profit elementary and secondary schools are eligible for E-rate discounts. For-profit […]

Security monitoring for your school’s campus

Investing in a modern security system for your campuses is the first significant step to providing a safe physical learning environment. So your system records and can alert on events, but then what? Is your organization prepared to react when events take place?  When sending their children to school, parents are trusting the school to […]

Holistic campus security: Preparing for a safe school year

Is school security a priority as learning institutions reopen for the new school year? Well, it should be. And this time, you have to cover all the bases — physical security and data protection. The past year was tough on schools; better be prepared for this year as well.

Risk management: What is it and does it matter?

In an increasingly digitalized world, risk management is becoming more and more important. If you don’t yet have a solid plan or if you haven’t created one for a while, something needs to change. Now’s the time to learn more about why managing risks is so important.

A Business with Managed IT Services vs One Without

Managed IT service providers have the power to alter the way you do business. You can enhance your security, without spending too much. You’re also more likely to remain compliant. Here’s how your business could change when you use one.

Why Should You Care About Video Surveillance Software?

Video management software (VMS) solutions are becoming a vital part of enterprise security. The right software can be configured to provide flexibility by tailoring custom solutions to a variety of third-party devices and programs. Here’s why your business needs video surveillance software.

How Collaborative Technology Can Help Your SMB

Adopting the latest SMB technology can make your business more efficient. When you improve your business’s efficiency, you can expect to see your productivity numbers rise quickly. Start by exploring the following six tools so you can decide whether they fit your business’s needs.