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Smart sensors are making schools safer: Here’s what this technology can do

All students, teachers, and personnel have a right to be safe and healthy while at school. Modern technology supports this, helping school administrators better understand the environment on campus and identify dangerous behaviors. This means smart sensors are becoming vital for schools across the US. Smart sensors build upon existing sensor and detection technology to […]

Why VR and AR represent the future of education

It wasn’t so long ago that virtual reality and augmented reality were the stuff of science fiction. However, while both concepts have been around for several years already, it’s only recently that VR and AR solutions have become effective, efficient, and — perhaps most importantly — affordable. Modern VR and AR now provide significant benefits […]

3 reasons for your school to partner with a managed IT service provider in 2022

2021 brought many challenges to the IT space. Most notably, it was the year of transitioning to hybrid learning as part of the return-to-school strategy for many institutions. Switching to hybrid learning demanded new ways of supporting teacher-student interactions, which meant implementing and running novel IT solutions. Unfortunately, these transformations often introduced unexpected complexities and […]

Debunking common myths surrounding Managed IT Services for schools

The concept of Managed IT services has been around for quite a while now. In fact, MSPs are very popular among all kinds of organizations, given that managed IT is a thriving multibillion-dollar industry. But despite all this, IT outsourcing is surrounded by misleading myths and misconceptions. Understandably, managed IT is a complex solution, to […]

Protect your organization with intrusion monitoring

Your business or institution should be a community where people can meet for a common purpose. They make up your organization along with valuable assets – like furniture, hardware, electronics, and intellectual property.  Keeping unwanted intruders out of your organization shouldn’t have to be hard. Intrusion monitoring allows you to keep all your investments protected […]

Enhance learning in your school with digital signage

Digital signage uses electrical displays, such as LED, LCD, and projection screens, to show audiences multimedia content — images, video, graphics, text, etc. It’s a more advanced alternative to traditional signage with billboards, banners, posters, signs, and wall graphics. Digital signage is a popular way for businesses and public venues to display wayfinding, exhibition, and […]

A/V solutions to boost engagement and communication

When implemented as part of an integrated technology plan, A/V solutions can boost engagement and communication. The right combination of A/V equipment promotes an engaging atmosphere for students to enhance their learning.  A/V solutions work in any setting, especially athletic facilities, performing art centers, cafeterias and dining halls, conference rooms and huddle spaces, and classrooms. […]

Time to bring your school’s outdated Bell and PA system into the 21 century

Outdated bell and PA systems in schools can let you down when it comes to rapid communications. Decades-old technology and obsolete legacy systems cannot meet the challenges of 21st-century school communications. Aging bell and PA systems slowly drain schools of their financial resources as they try to keep up with increasing demands like daily announcements […]

The basics of intrusion coverage in schools

A 2021 report published by IES and the National Center for Education Statistics shows that school safety has generally improved over the last decade. However, there are still rampant cases of criminal activities, including theft, violence, victimization, vandalism, and bullying, in our schools. For instance, in 2019, students aged 12-18 experienced 764,600 criminal victimizations in […]