PA and Bell systems

Time to bring your school’s outdated Bell and PA system into the 21 century

Outdated bell and PA systems in schools can let you down when it comes to rapid communications. Decades-old technology and obsolete legacy systems cannot meet the challenges of 21st-century school communications. Aging bell and PA systems slowly drain schools of their financial resources as they try to keep up with increasing demands like daily announcements and emergency communications. 

Bell and PA systems are critical components of a safe school environment. Schools should consider replacing these obsolete systems because they are costly, difficult to manage, and unreliable in times of emergency.

What do new systems have to offer?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, roughly 24,000 schools in the U.S. have bell and PA systems in poor to fair condition. Many still use analog technology from the 1950s that cannot adequately keep pace with today’s increased communication needs. Today’s systems offer adaptability and flexibility, making it more critical than ever to include bell and PA systems in school budgets. 

Most schools run a tight financial ship and require solid justification to make updated bell and PA systems a line item in their technology budgets. So here are a few advantages to switching over.

Multiple, cost-effective solutions

There are multiple Integrated bell and PA systems exist for every Budget. As a result, schools can customize a solution based the capabilities most important to their communications needs.

Expanded technology possibilities

Advances in campus network infrastructure allow for more technical options. New systems come equipped with high-quality audio, monitoring, and simple integration. New systems can do more with less.

Time-savings features

Managing multiple outdated legacy systems is time-consuming for IT department staff. Intuitive solutions can minimize the disruption of the learning process if the entire school must be interrupted to target communication to one classroom or grade level.

Benefits of upgrading outdated systems

Upgrading outdated bell and PA systems with modern technology requires an upfront investment. However, the numerous benefits far outweigh the initial costs and ongoing maintenance.

  • Improved safety features like automated emergency response and mass notification systems can boost safety and security within the school.
  • Increased communication methods allow schools to connect with students and staff in ways their old systems never could. Some of the cool features in newer bell and PA systems include targeted paging to reach specific staff members and classrooms and prerecorded announcements that can play over the PA system and digital signage. In addition, custom bell scheduling, including mapping and zoning, and custom bell sounds, including school fight songs, can be incorporated into modern systems.
  • Integrated communication systems allow schools to roll all their communication needs into one unified platform accessible from any web browser. Even technology newbies can quickly learn how to use a unified platform to target the members of the school community that need to receive specific messaging. This feature can be handy during emergencies when administrators are not on site but must still access bell and PA systems.

These are just a few of the many benefits of replacing a disjointed and redundant communications system with one designed to meet all messaging needs within budget.

Innovated technology solutions for Texas schools

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