PA and Bell systems

Time to bring your school's outdated Bell and PA system into the 21 century

Outdated bell and PA systems in schools can let you down…
Broken glass - intrusion coverage

The basics of intrusion coverage in schools

A 2021 report published by IES and the National Center for…
Student at school entrance

Security monitoring for your school’s campus

Investing in a modern security system for your campuses is…

How to replace your school’s technology seamlessly

Technology is now part of the teaching processes in most schools. IT solutions make it easier to manage staff, students, and teachers while enhancing the schooling experience. Since technology advances so rapidly, you must be prepared to make timely upgrades and replacements efficiently.

The new norm of returning to school

Returning to school this fall will look a lot different than when students left in the spring. Technology has played an important role in communication and ongoing studies in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a look at the new technology in the classroom that will be implemented this coming school year.