Student using projector

A/V solutions to boost engagement and communication

When implemented as part of an integrated technology plan, A/V solutions can boost engagement and communication. The right combination of A/V equipment promotes an engaging atmosphere for students to enhance their learning. 

A/V solutions work in any setting, especially athletic facilities, performing art centers, cafeterias and dining halls, conference rooms and huddle spaces, and classrooms.

Incorporating A/V technology into your school

There are many ways schools can include A/V technology in their classrooms and beyond to improve learning outcomes and increase student engagement. Here are a few of the ways your school can incorporate A/V technology.

Overcome learning barriers in the classroom

A/V solutions help teachers resolve learning barriers in their classrooms and provide transformational educational experiences for every student. Making education accessible, collaborative, and interactive engages every child regardless of their learning styles or preferences. 

Teachers can leverage the power of audio-visual technology to provide intuitive and innovative educational opportunities to all student learners. With the right A/V tools, teachers can use internet or productivity software resources.

Video and audio capabilities make your classroom or space more collaborative. Interactive projectors and displays immerse your audience in the curriculum. Custom A/V technology can motivate, reinforce, and stimulate students. Learning will feel more like fun than work.

Improve campus-wide communications

A/V solutions improve campus-wide communications. Here are a few ways you can put your A/V technology to work.

  • Exterior Video Walls gives schools the ability to share information with the community about achievements, upcoming events, and important dates.
  •  Interactive flat-panel displays (IFPDs) and Digital displays effectively deliver digital content in classrooms, lecture halls, & huddle spaces.
  • Mass Notification Systems (MNS) enables you to inform your entire organization of an important update or emergency – within seconds. MNS can push multiple alerts via text, automated calls, and even integrate with digital signage for inaudible alerts for the hearing impaired. Schools can pair their public announcement systems with A/V solutions to ensure all staff, students, and visitors receive the warning and all pertinent instructions to follow during an emergency.

Best A/V brands and features for schools

Displays for Digital signage

A/V solutions are available through popular brands like LG, Newline Interactive, ViewSonic, and Vizio. Schools interested in interactive touch displays can bring classroom collaboration sessions to a new level with Newline, for example. Its tools tap into creativity to engage student learners. 

Multipurpose speakers

No matter which brands your school chooses to meet its needs, consider adding multipurpose speakers (two-way or one-way) to enhance audio content delivery to staff and students. Some of the manufacturers for two-way and one-way speakers that TFE recommends include:

  • FrontRow Juno
  • A&D Audio
  • Crestron

Interactive and Non-Interactive projectors

Next to multipurpose speakers, projectors are an essential feature to consider adding to your A/V equipment. Schools can use projectors to enhance visual content by casting it on a whiteboard, increasing student engagement. Projectors also can be helpful when a display is not large enough for a regular space. Both our partners, Extron and BoxLight, offer tailored projector solutions to help you deliver digital content.

Manage A/V solutions from one interface

The best part about using any of these A/V solutions is the capability to manage them through a single easy-to-use interface. TFE’s experts can help you build a solution for ALL of your A/V needs. 

Interested in learning more about how interactive A/V technology can catapult your school into 21st-century learning? Contact the knowledgeable team at TFE to discuss your custom A/V solution.