Digital signage by stairs

Enhance learning in your school with digital signage

Digital signage uses electrical displays, such as LED, LCD, and projection screens, to show audiences multimedia content — images, video, graphics, text, etc. It’s a more advanced alternative to traditional signage with billboards, banners, posters, signs, and wall graphics.

Digital signage is a popular way for businesses and public venues to display wayfinding, exhibition, and advertising information to mass audiences. Digital signs are commonplace in retail stores, restaurants, banks, transport systems, and sports stadiums. Interestingly, digital signage is also making its way into learning institutions. Many K-12 schools, colleges, and universities use digital signs for news, announcements, emergency notifications, room signs, wayfinding, and more.

Does your school use digital signage? If not, here are seven reasons why you should consider digital signs for your institution:

Enhances the learning experience for students

Digital signs can be used as educational tools to make classes more fun and engaging. Teachers can customize digital signage systems to visualize captivating imagery lessons, concepts, and ideas. Visual cues grab the students’ attention and make it easier to engage them fully in a particular topic. Students also comprehend and retain more of what they learn visually. Studies prove that students generally perform better through audio-visual learning.

Helps reduce operational cost

This reason might seem counterintuitive; putting up a banner is obviously much cheaper than installing an equivalent LED screen. But that’s not the point — you have to look at it from a long-term value perspective. Yes, print signs are way cheaper than digital signs, but the small costs can add up if you have to replace the signs frequently, which is often the case in a school environment. With digital signage, you only have to install the equipment once, and it’ll run for years.

Enables quick, versatile communications

Digital displays are versatile communication tools. They can be used to instantly relay different kinds of information to students, teachers, and non-faculty staff. For instance, a single display hanging over a busy hallway can simultaneously broadcast news bulletins, notifications, and communication updates.

Helps keep the school neat

Print posters and signs can be quite messy, especially if they’re not kept in check. Since each poster or sign can only convey one particular bit of information, the school can end up with too much signage, encouraging littering, and light vandalism. Digital signage eliminates the overwhelming number of signs and posters a school might need to print.

Makes wayfinding easier across campus

Digital signage can make it easier for new students, guests, and parents to find their way around the school premises. Unlike static directional signs, digital signs are more distinctive and show more useful navigational information.

Creates opportunities for advertising

Although advertising within school grounds is a touchy ethical subject, you can make it work with digital signage. For instance, you can sell advertising rights to sponsors during open school events such as games. The extra cash raised from advertising can support the signage system or other school programs. The school can also advertise its own merchandise and revenue-generating services to the public.

Enhances school safety

Using digital signs can help improve your school’s safety. A digital signage system can seamlessly integrate with the school’s PA, alarm, and emergency response systems to alert the school community of a crisis. Screens or scrolling boards help display helpful information about an emergency, such as fires or extreme weather, and guidelines on what to do. Such a safety feature should prevent confusion and help coordinate critical emergency response procedures across the entire school.

Digital signage can boost learning and teaching experiences in many unique ways. It’s also a great way to promote school safety, cut long-term operational costs, and make a bit of cash in the process. If you’re sold on digital signage, let TFE help you leverage the best signage solutions available. We’ve partnered with world-leading brands in digital displays, including Newline Interactive Display, ViewSonic, Vizio, and LG, to bring cutting-edge digital signage to schools across Texas. Contact us to get started.