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The best school security technology

When thinking of digital security, business and industry often come to mind first. But solid school security technology is vital as more things in the sphere of education move online. Technology is used for good in schools when it is used during difficult moments, and it can enhance physical security. The possibility for scary times at schools these days is an unfortunate reality. However, the following school security technology tools can make parents and students feel safer.

Bullying Surveillance Technology

Social media and online networks have made it easier than ever for bullies to say whatever mean things are on their minds. Many schools are implementing monitoring tools for the web. Some tools scan digital properties for bullying buzzwords and can alert adults to potential problems, like school shootings. Others allow students and adults at the school to anonymously report incidents of bullying or even something more serious. This type of surveillance keeps everyone a bit safer.

Smart Locks

During a school shooting, every second counts. Many schools have doors with locks on the outside, but they use a key. This means a teacher must leave the classroom and lock the door with the key before going back inside and securing the students. Other schools are implementing smart lock solutions that may work by using an ID card or a keypad. Teachers can lock the door from the inside, and only authorized users can unlock it from the outside. These options can save precious moments—and potentially lives—in a dangerous situation.

Enhanced Communication

Phone trees are a thing of the past because of the campus-wide communication technologies we have available today. Communication tools allow school administrators and staff to send out mass messages to parents, students, teachers and other professionals at the school. Administrators can communicate via e-mail, recorded voice message or text message. Some programs even send alerts to all computers connected to a campus network. These tools can transmit exciting and positive news, like the football team winning the big game. But they can also be used for important communication during a natural disaster or school shooting.

School Security Technology for Visitor Management

Schools can easily keep tabs on who is coming in (and out) of a school.  Every visitor can now be managed using school security technology. Some online systems can even scan IDs and check them against criminal or sex offender registries to make sure no one who shouldn’t be in the school gets in. This definitely beats the old system of handwritten visitor nametags that could let just about anyone in.

These technologies can help make any school safer, putting parents and students at ease. They leave kids to focus on what is really important—learning and development!

Curious about what tools might be right for your school? Contact your managed service provider for more school security technology information.