Video Surveillance system

The 5 Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

While network security should always be a prime concern for your business, you shouldn’t neglect your physical security either. A good way for you to protect yourself is to consider a video surveillance system for your office.

They provide multiple functions for you – they can deter crime while providing you with a clear picture of any offender, they can prevent harassment, and they can even improve your organization’s productivity. In other words, video surveillance systems bring many useful benefits to the table.

The five biggest benefits of surveillance systems include:

1. An Increased Sense of Security

When you establish a surveillance system, you’re taking steps to protect your business. And with this protection comes peace of mind. You and your employees can freely work without worry of intrusions and theft, which lowers stress throughout the company. Employees are also less likely to worry about harassment and other issues due to the evidence captured by the surveillance system, allowing them to relax more in the workplace.

2. Improved Productivity

When employees know that they’re being recorded, they tend to waste less time. 20% of the average workday is spent on “crucial” and “important” things, while 80% of the average workday is spent on things that have “little value” or “no value”. You can reprimand any blatant time-wasting events caught on camera.

At the same time, if an employee goes out of their way to do something good, they can be rewarded. The footage of either of these events is valuable for training and HR purposes.

A word of caution; with surveillance systems, there’s always the issue with employee privacy. In most cases, we recommend reviewing footage only when necessary to avoid unnecessary monitoring. After all, your employees appreciate being protected, not observed.

3. Eliminated HR Headaches

Not every case of harassment is reported. Video surveillance systems provide undeniable proof of events, complete with timestamps and replayable footage. Depending on the system, they also have the ability to record audio. If any issue were to come up (such as a physical altercation or harassment case), you can review the footage to get an unbiased look at what happened. In turn, that reduces HR headaches by giving you solid evidence that allows you to close the cases decisively.

4. Lowered Chance of Crimes

When most people think of video surveillance, they think of cameras that are there to catch crimes in action. While it’s certainly a function of them, they also help to prevent crimes from happening in the first place. Cameras placed in and around the property of your business can deter vandalism and theft

5. Lowered Insurance Premiums

Though it varies on a case-by-case basis, having a video surveillance system in place can dramatically reduce insurance premiums. With cameras in place, you can protect your business from false workman’s comp claims, harassment, and liability claims, as well as the reduction of crime. In other words, it lowers your risk of being sued. In turn, that lowers the price of your insurance in the long run.

Video Surveillance Systems from TFE

We can help your business establish a solid surveillance system. Our technicians are experienced in setting up a surveillance network that will keep your business protected while giving you all of the benefits you need.

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