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Busted! 3 Videos that Prove You Need Video Surveillance

You can create the best cyber security plan in the business, but without a physical security plan to back it up, it may prove useless. That’s when video surveillance becomes priceless.

For instance, if your office is hit by burglars, they might very easily abscond with expensive equipment, hard copies of private data, and even personal belongings. With a proper cybersecurity solution, your managed service provider should be able to prevent the criminals from accessing data on computers, and your network. But, you’ve still lost your equipment and all of the physical files on hand.

The benefits of video surveillance are twofold. First, with video surveillance, you can record external and internal threats, either watching them live or keeping the footage for future review. The second is that cameras on-site are physical deterrents.

If you haven’t considered installing video surveillance in your business, perhaps the following videos might sway you in that direction. Here are the 3 reasons you need video surveillance.

1. Catch External Criminals

Here, a man is caught on camera stealing from a reception area at a business in the San Fernando Valley. The LAPD was able to release this footage to the public, which lead to the identification of one 36-year-old Artur Sogomonyan. The footage contributed to a long list of charges.


2. Identify Internal Theft

In San Antonio, Texas, Emanuel Castillo, a part-time hospital employee, confessed to stealing over $400,000 of hospital equipment from Santa Rosa Hospital-Westover Hill. The police were able to arrest Castillo after reviewing video surveillance that recorded seven different incidents.

In the U.S, employees steal nearly $50,000,000 every year. Fifty. Million. Dollars. For some context, that’s seven times the GDP of Sierra Leone, or Tom Cruise’s paycheck for two movies. Either way, you look at it, that’s a lot of money. Video surveillance will assist in finding culprits in your business.

3. Deter the Undecided

Here we see firsthand what happens when a criminal realizes he’s caught on camera mid-crime.

Just the mere sight of a camera can bring out the criminal’s inner coward.  Intruders will often see a camera and decide not to break in. For employees, professional video surveillance makes creating a crime much more difficult and unlikely to happen.

Lights, Cameras, Action

If your business is lacking in physical security measures, then you have left yourselves open to financial loss as well as possible client loss if customer data is compromised. One healthcare-related report, for example, showed that 31% of consumers said they discontinued their relationships after their data was compromised.

Video surveillance adds a much needed security element to your business, and protects against external and internal threats.

TFE has a lot of experience building integrated physical and cybersecurity solutions for businesses, and we would be glad to share some of that knowledge with you and your team. If you’d like to know more about why video surveillance can bring an added measure of security and peace of mind for your business, please call us or shoot us a message.