Keeping productivity high in your business with remote workers

Are you worried about productivity levels while your employees are working from home? A lot of organizations adopted a full or partial remote work model during the pandemic. Even after the danger from COVID-19 is no longer a concern, many businesses plan to continue allowing employees to work from home.

A recent study that surveyed 1,800 employees at both small and large firms found that over one-third of organizations believe working from home will be common post-pandemic. The study’s researchers concluded that at least 16 percent of US workers would switch from in-office work to home office work at least two days a week.

The reality is, productivity didn’t decrease with an increase in remote work. It increased. On average, employees who work from home are 47 percent more productive.

What’s the secret to highly productive remote teams? The right technology has a lot to do with it. Cloud-based solutions enable employees to stay connected, collaborate, and work efficiently, no matter where they are located. Let’s take a look at what organizations can do to keep productivity high among remote teams.

Boost efficiency with a centralized platform

Before cloud computing became the norm in the business world, telecommuting wasn’t that efficient. With today’s technology, however, remote workers don’t have to miss a beat. The core tool any modern remote-friendly organization should have is a cloud-based unified communications solution.

With unified communication as a service (UCaaS) platforms, your employees can access all the communications and collaboration tools they need from one central platform. Video meetings, file sharing, real-time messaging, voice calls, and email are accessible from one app. UCaaS makes it easy for remote workers to have face-to-face, real-time, and secure interactions virtually. And because they don’t have to switch applications or worry about poor performance, they can accomplish tasks without interruption.

Access borderless resources and enable global collaboration

When your business uses a remote model, you can access talent from anywhere. Instead of only being able to hire near your physical location, you can look for talent anywhere. Your employees can collaborate with other remote team members, outsourced resources, and coworkers who are traveling, no matter where everyone is located. You can also expand your business’s productive hours by accessing resources who live and work in different time zones.

Allow employees to work anytime, anywhere with unlimited accessibility

When you allow employees to work anytime, anywhere, they can create a work schedule that serves their needs. Employees can focus more time on work because they aren’t spending time on a daily commute or traveling to business meetings. Also, they have the freedom to work when they’re most productive rather than the traditional nine-to-five workday. This can translate to more work getting done each week, as well as a more engaged staff. Studies show that employees who have the flexibility to work when and where they want are happier and more productive.

Unlock the productivity of your remote teams

Remote work was already growing before the pandemic. Because it offers so many benefits for businesses – increased agility, reduced costs, and higher employee satisfaction – without sacrificing productivity, the remote work model is here to stay. Make sure your company has the collaboration technology it needs to keep your teams productive. 

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