Aruba’s central management platform with wireless and switch infrastructure

When there is no central management of devices, applications, or processes, things begin to breakdown. This is simply unacceptable in business. If your systems are not robust, or are vulnerable to inefficiencies, mismanagement, or even breach, then your whole organization is similarly exposed. This is particularly pressing at the moment, with cybercriminals reportedly exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic and stepping up their malicious intentions.

Yet it can be difficult to find a centralized management solution that offers this robust defense. While you still are maintaining the flexibility and agility that all modern businesses rely on.

With its Central platform, the Aruba networks team seeks to cover both of these important bases, giving businesses the capability, insight, and confidence they need to excel. We’re going to be taking a close look at how this works and how the Aruba Central platform will benefit your business.

The Aruba Central platform

The Aruba Central platform offers cloud-managed networking designed to support the growing needs of today’s business owners. The idea is to create a centralized platform that brings together all operations, including those across wireless, wired, and SD-WAN connections.

The platform integrates with a wide range of Aruba networks tools to give business owners an enhanced understanding of their systems. This also gives them greater power to wield in the event that a problem or inefficiency occurs. Business owners simply use their Aruba Central portal to manage all of this from the cloud. Meanwhile the platform itself draws upon artificial intelligence to derive critical insights for users.

Aruba Central’s key attributes

There are a number of central management platforms available to business owners. But, Aruba Central from Aruba networks offers more than the majority of its competitors, thanks to the integration of switch infrastructure and a connection-agnostic approach to device and application management. Let’s take a look at a few of these key attributes.

A proactive approach to security and performance

Analysts have been trying for years to put an accurate price on business downtime, but the range of potential costs remains great. However, is that there is a range of long-term reputational and operational costs associated with downtime. This is something we need to avoid.

This is why Aruba Central is designed to help business owners pre-empt problems and solve them ahead of time. This is thanks to powerful AI that automatically detects issues. The platform also implements a next-generation policy enforcement firewall, with automated dynamic segmentation to cover user, device, and application behaviors. It also bolsters security and achieves always-on operational functionality. 

Switch infrastructure and configuration

Switches can get tricky, particularly when you are navigating a range of interconnected switching platforms. Central brings this all together, enabling easy switch management from a centralized location. However, AOS-CX, a cloud-native operating system, enables full network programmability and workflow automation.

Aruba’s switching infrastructure can be controlled via the Aruba networks CX mobile app. This connects the infrastructure to any compatible iOS tablet or smartphone device.

All connection formats unified

Aruba Central is connection-agnostic, which means that all wired, wireless, and SD-WAN operations can be managed from the same cloud platform.

High-level solutions from AI

We’ve already seen how AI is used to pre-empt issues before they happen. However, Aruba’s leveraging of AI goes beyond this, delivering intelligent tools that mature as they gather information. AI insights also inform the Aruba Central cloud-native microservices architecture, supporting natural language processing and search, local site and network-wide connectivity, and the monitoring of client KPIs.

To learn more about how a centralized management platform can revolutionize your business, reach out to our TFE team today.