Technicians performing a network assessment

Does your school need a network assessment?

Technology is great — when it works. Firewalls, routers, switches, servers, and all the technology your school relies on to deliver a quality education will eventually break or become obsolete. Waiting until one of these critical systems crashes is the wrong approach. Conducting a network assessment is the most effective preventative measure schools can take.

Ensuring the most appropriate technology is considered for future solutions is a core component of any network assessment. Working with a team of network assessment professionals includes a thorough evaluation of:

  • New technology needs
  • Regulations and standards compliance
  • Safety and security issues

Network assessment reports serve as guides for equipment and software upgrades or repairs and identify any gaps in equipment needs. They help schools evolve and adapt their IT solutions with emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Know your equipment status

Knowing the status of your equipment is vital for correcting vulnerabilities and preventing mass failure. Identifying assets must occur before schools can determine which ones to prioritize during the assessment. It may not be necessary to perform a network assessment on every web application, Wi-Fi access point, or wireless network. Even schools that want to check everything may not have the budgets to do so. Network assessment professionals can determine which equipment to focus on during the evaluation.

Schools that choose to partner with TFE can expect three things from the equipment status phase of the assessment:

  • Monitoring the school’s network accumulating hardware counts and other equipment information using software and hardware resources
  • Tabulating the hardware information to provide a baseline of technology resources
  • Reporting and prioritizing on-site equipment for maintenance, repairs, and replacement

Evaluate what is lacking

One of the primary purposes of assessing the status of your equipment is to determine what is lacking. People, processes, and technologies interact daily in schools. Network assessments uncover behaviors that can shed light on equipment or procedures schools must incorporate into their networks to boost security and performance.

Our team combines on-site visits, assessment software, and hardware to help pinpoint what schools lack in their current IT setups. We generate a roadmap of repairs and replacements based on the data collected to help schools avoid financial surprises when critical IT components fail.

We produce plan documentation identifying when wireless equipment requires modification by location, software upgrades, or repairs. Our customized heat maps report helps schools determine what additional equipment they need to optimize coverage.

Adding or removing technology

Eventually, all your school’s IT products are going to be repaired or replaced. It is the nature of technology. It becomes outdated or requires maintenance to keep it performing optimally. Conducting a network assessment helps schools make informed decisions about network maintenance and upgrades and all infrastructure resources.

Additionally, adding or removing technology to improve security or performance can uncover cost savings for schools. Legacy computer environments can eat into school technology budgets. Converting to the cloud can allow for as little or as much capacity as needed that is scalable to meet real-time demand. An added benefit: schools would only pay for what they need.

Network assessment expertise

Leverage the network assessment expertise of TFE. Our innovative technology solutions for Texas schools empower and protect networks. Reach out to us to discuss your options.