5 ways that video surveillance benefits your business

Keeping your company’s physical premises secure is just as important as protecting your data. The obvious benefits of video surveillance include helping employees feel safer, reducing the risk of trespassing, and protecting your hardware from theft and vandalism. However, did you know there are many other costs and productivity-related benefits of installing a video surveillance system? 

Below, we consider how video surveillance works, how it supports your business, and why you should invest in it today. 

How video surveillance works

Put simply, video surveillance enhances your physical security because it records everything that happens around your company’s premises. 

The technology is complex, but basically, a video surveillance system involves connecting one or more cameras to a network. The cameras film in real-time, and they stream the data to another location. You can install as many cameras as you need to patrol your entire perimeter, and the cameras work 24/7. The cameras are subtle, silent, and unobtrusive. And, they can also capture sounds, including conversations or alarms. 

How video surveillance benefits businesses

Although video surveillance offers many physical security benefits, here are the top five ways the technology supports your needs, and why you should consider installing it. 

Reduced risk of burglary

Burglary and malicious trespassing are major issues for businesses. For example, according to the National Retail Federation, theft costs the retail industry around $46.8 billion in lost profits each year, and thieves often target vulnerable businesses with poor security. Don’t encourage thieves to target your company – install video surveillance. 

Decreased risk of employee fraud, embezzlement, and theft

Statistics show that at least 30 percent of businesses fail due to employee theft and fraud, and a staggering 75 percent of employees in another survey admit to stealing from their employer at least once. With video surveillance, you’re automatically reducing the risk of employees stealing from you because they know they’ll be caught on camera. 

Improved incident review processes 

A video surveillance system allows you to review incidents if they arise and make an informed decision as to what happened. They’re also highly valuable from a liability perspective. For example, if an employee claims that they slipped, or a supplier claims they delivered 10 stock palettes rather than 8, you can review the evidence – and potentially save money.

Increased operational efficiency

With video surveillance, there’s no need for your managers to be supervising employee productivity. Instead, they can focus on managing the critical aspects of your business because the cameras capture everything that’s going on. What’s more, it’s likely that video surveillance will encourage your staff to work harder and increase their daily output. 

Reduced security-related costs

Video surveillance is a cost-effective security solution for your business. With remote surveillance, there’s no need to hire on-site personnel to monitor your security cameras around the clock or patrol your premises. Now, you can view everything remotely from your computer, cellphone, or tablet, which saves you time, money, and resources all while increasing your company’s security. 

An IT provider for your business

Video surveillance gives you peace of mind by reducing the chance of significant threats disrupting your operations. It’s cost-effective, secure, and reliable, and it’s always worth the investment. For more information on customized video surveillance and physical security solutions, contact us today.