Using managed IT services to continue growing your business

Today’s business world relies on technology. Businesses that take advantage of the latest tools and technologies gain an edge over their competitors. On the other hand, companies that do not manage technology-related risks, from cyber attacks to network outages, can result in immense business losses. In this context, the expertise of a managed services provider is vital.

Your organization is probably using some form of managed IT service already. Data analysis, cybersecurity, compliance, helpdesk, and technology management are a few examples of MSPs’ services. Some providers specialize in particular areas or services, but it can be highly advantageous to find a single IT service provider that will help you with your diverse requirements. 

Benefits of working with a Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, is a company that can manage some or all aspects of your organization’s IT. An MSP can remotely control the entire IT infrastructure and networked devices of your organization. In other words, the responsibilities traditionally looked after by an in-house IT team are transferred to an external, expert partner. At the same time, you focus on the core activities of your business. 

An effective MSP grows with your business. Additionally, your MSP can play an instrumental role in your business’ growth thanks to their cybersecurity expertise, proactive IT advice, and providing the latest technology, not to mention the cost savings associated with outsourcing your IT.

Upgrade your cybersecurity plan

Cyber risks mature as your business grows. An MSP can be proactive and update your cybersecurity plan to prevent risks as your company scales up. 62% of businesses of all sizes experienced phishing or social engineering attacks in 2018. These and other kinds of cyberattacks can be devastating for your productivity, reputation, and bottom line.

As your MSP has a continuous presence with your business, they will proactively suggest the right solutions required and assist in implementing them to plug any security holes. Thus it can help you achieve an updated cybersecurity plan that is appropriate for your business and robust enough to face current cyber threats.

Insightful and proactive IT advice

MSPs are experts in their field, with rich experience and knowledge gained from working with organizations of all sizes and intricacies. This allows them to give your business expert IT advice and efficiently monitor your IT infrastructure’s health. Furthermore, MSPs will help your business troubleshoot issues before they arise and inhibit your operations. Server downtime, for example, costs more than $300,000 per hour in the majority of instances, and MSPs can help you avoid unnecessary costs by identifying and resolving problems before they result in costly downtime. An MSP’s timely and proactive advice on such instances can prevent significant financial losses or interruptions to the smooth operations.

Updated technology

Your business can only be as productive as your technology allows you to be. A strategy alone cannot be effectively executed if it is not backed by state-of-the-art technology. As an expert who is up to date with the latest developments, an MSP is familiar with the best and most effective technologies you need to reach maximum efficiency. They will be able to suggest the right solutions to improve efficiency and performance and foster maximum productivity for your business.

Scalable and flexible solutions

As managed IT services are outsourced, many of the resources used exist outside the organization, such as servers and storage. This is very useful when it comes to scaling your business, as scalability can be achieved in many cases by simply upgrading your service package. In this way, working with an MSP provides a significant degree of flexibility and ensures uninterrupted operations.


Making use of managed IT services can significantly cut costs, as it eliminates the expenses involved in maintaining an in-house IT department. Meaning, your business will not need to worry about paying for wages, office space, training, and a host of other costs. Instead, all of this is the MSP’s responsibility. Managed IT services are flexible and can be scaled up or down, depending on your company’s requirements, instead of paying for the fixed costs associated with an IT team, with an MSP you only pay for what you need.

If you’d like to learn more about how managed IT can benefit your business, get in touch!